Hemp Oil Cancer Treatment Miracle: The Truth About The Controversial Plant

Hemp Oil Cancer TreatmentThe hemp oil cancer treatment can require sixty grams of canna oil in order to effectively kill the cancer causing cells. For the average person, it can take three months to ingest the full amount. To start, the user should begin by ingesting three doses daily. During the first week every dose should be around the size of a grain of rice. This remedy can be used by sufferers of all types of cancer and while there have been no studies designed to determine whether or not this treatment is successful in destroying cancer causing cells, many users have stated they owe their remission to this all-natural treatment.

Avid marijuana users and alternative physicians have pushed for the legalization of cannabis and cannabis related products for the treatment of a number of diseases and conditions from social anxiety to autism, but the use of this for cancer treatment has also quickly become an alternative to radiation therapy or even chemo, due to the belief that the drug is able to destroy cancer cells or significantly minimize the negative effects of other types of cancer treatments.

Cannabis Extract Dosage Information for Cancer Treatment

Cannabis Extract Dosage

After you have tried the this regime for a week, you can then double the dose. You will need to double your dosage every four days until you begin to ingest one gram daily. Many people get to the point where they can take this amount in approximately a month. Once you’ve achieved this high of a dosage you can then continue at that dosage until your cancer is in remission.

The side effects include sedation and sleepiness. However, both of these side effects can play an important role in the healing process. Within one hour of taking the cannabis oil, it can cause you to become sleepy. At this point, take advantage of the fact that you’ll be able to experience a restful night of sleep. Some users have experienced being extremely tired throughout the day, during the first week of treatment. This side effect will typically only last for the first five to six days.

Dosing the cannabis extract at a slow rate over the first month will allow the body to build a tolerance. For users who experience extreme sedation or fatigue, you can slightly cut the dosage during the day and increase your dosage at night, before going to sleep. This can help to promote a better night’s rest, while also allowing you to build up your tolerance while asleep.

A person’s body weight will have little to do with their tolerance level.  Individuals who use the this remedy consistently will notice that it causes their blood pressure to lower and make need to make dosage adjustments because of this, if they currently take blood pressure medication.

At the end of the this treatment, the continued use of cannabis extract is recommended. After your cancer has gone into remission you can take this at a lower dose. Taking one gram a month is a good dose used for maintenance.

The Marijuana Oil Controversy

Marijuana Oil Controversy

Marijuana extract is basically a distilled, concentrated form of marijuana, with all the plant material stripped using a solvent. While it’s also used with other types of oils in edible treats, it has received a lot of notoriety for its medical use potential.

Just like marijuana, its extract contains CBD and THC. The oil that’s marketed for medical use usually contains much less THC than the average pot found on the street.

When it comes to using this oil for treatment, there has been some support showing that it can reduce pain related to chemo and other symptoms such as nausea, anxiety and vomiting in patients. Other research has shown that it can uniquely target and eliminate cancerous cells.  However, many of these promising studies are in the earliest research stages. Maybe cannabis extract can eliminate cancer, or maybe, this affect can only be achieved in a lab.

What we do know is that people who are desperate for relief or a natural means of fighting the disease have chosen to try cannabis oil, due to the minimal side effects. Scientists all over the world continue to research the claim that marijuana can help to push the body into remission and that cannabis oil really can have a positive effect on your overall sense of wellbeing after a round of chemo, but considering there currently is no solid proof regarding the benefits of using cannabis oil as an alternative cancer treatment, many people must take the wait and see approach before they can acquire a legal prescription. But none of this is to say that using canna juice extract is a worthless treatment against cancer, it’s just the fact that medical research has not been able to fully explore the drug’s true potential as of yet.

What to Expect After Canna Extract Use

Canna Extract Use

Some users who stopped taking the extract at the end of their treatment experienced mild withdrawal symptoms. They did not continue to take small doses of hemp oil for maintenance. Withdrawal symptoms can include loss of appetite, lack of sleep, decreased sex drive and night sweats. These symptoms will usually abate after a period of four to seven days and are relatively mild.

The hemp oil treatment has a high success rate. Unfortunately, many people will try this regimen after their body has been damaged by radiation therapy or chemotherapy. The damage caused by these treatments can extend the length of time the cannabis oil needs to kill the cancerous cells. For severe damage, it can take as much as two-hundred grams of hemp oil and six months in order to kill the cancer.

The extract also has the ability to rejuvenate vital organs in the body. Some users who suffer from diabetes have tried Hemp Oil Cancer Treatment and found that they were able to cut down on their insulin injections by half, after a period of one month.

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