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Screening for Lung Cancer

Lung Mass Diagnosis and Treatment

A lung mass diagnosis is being down by the use of an x-ray or CT scan.  Determining whether the mass is an early stage of cancer or benign will be very important as early detection of lung cancer is crucial for survival. A benign mass will cause no symptoms, which is why they are often […]

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Spine Cancer

Spine Cancer Metastatic and Primary Tumors

Spine cancer is the growth of abnormal cells around or in the spine that results in a tumor. If the cancerous cells originated from the cells in the spinal tissues, the resulting cells are referred to as a primary spinal tumor. If the cancerous cells originated from a different part of the body and traveled to […]

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Lung Cancer Symptoms

NSCLC: Why It Can Be Silent and Deadly

NSCLC stands for non-small cell lung cancer. There are several types of lung cancer. The cancerous cells for each type will spread and grow differently.  Lung cancers are named for the type of cells that are found in the cancer and the appearance of the cells under a microscope. The varieties of lung cancers include […]

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Is Cancer Hereditary from Mother or Father?

If you or a loved one has recently been diagnosed with cancer, then the odds are you’re researching treatment options, in addition to learning whether or not is cancer hereditary. So is it inherited? Approximately five to ten percent of all types can be inherited. Because some are hereditary, this means that the changes in certain genes can […]

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Facts About Cancer in Men and Women

Cancer is a group of diseases that is characterized by the uncontrolled spread and growth of abnormal cells. To date, there are over one-hundred types of it.  The diagnosis can be devastating, as it’s the second leading cause of death, second to heart disease.  Because of this, many Americans are scared to take a closer look […]

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